Worley Noise Cell Division Simulation

This simulation was made in C#. It is based on the examples shown in The Coding Train live stream of 04/04/2020.

During this life stream one of the viewers asked in the chat for making a cell division example.This gave me the idea to try this:

The Worley Noise seed points are now agents with simple physics engines (position, velocity, acceleration and force).
This was for example shown in Coding Challenge #59: Steering Behaviors.

The seed points have 2 steering forces:
- Try to stay at a fixed distance to the closest 3 other seed points.
- A weak force pulling them to the middle of the image to prevent them from wandering out of the image.

Every 45 frames (about 3 seconds) a random selected seed will clone itself with a random small offset in position. (This simulates cell division)

It is always fascinating to see the complex self-organising behaviour that can result from such simple rules.

Other Worley Noise Examples

Basic Algorithm according to Wikipedia:

The basic idea is to take random points in space (2- or 3-dimensional) and then for every point in space take the distance to the nth-closest point (e.g. the second-closest point) as some kind of color information.

When using the closest point. When using the second closest point. With different points for R, G, B information